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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Becoming The Best Gay Men We Can Be

August 23, 2010
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

I find myself in a heated conversation with a new friend today over the reasoning for my trip.

He thinks the only reason I want to travel the world isn't so I can see the world for its unique cultures and ideas, he thinks the real reason for my blog is so I can use it as a crux to experiment and become the ultimate gay man that I, and everyone else really wants to be. We all want to be that "go to" guy that has his career, life and personal affairs in order that bring him joy and happiness far beyond what a traditional lifetime could bring.

I suppose I tend to get annoyed when I get cock slapped by someone so dead on the nail that I feel stupid and incompetent for not having realized it earlier. The truth is, he's right. He's absolutely right. I've been searching for a long time for an opportunity to take me to another city and get out Albuquerque for some time. But - enough with the guilt trip. Who doesn't want to have a really good time? Who doesn't want to have great friends? Who doesn't want to be a sex star in bed? Who doesn't want to have a really interesting career that isn't a McJob that so many of us seem to hate workin at everyday?
That's had me thinking: It's not like every guy I've met was born with his stuff together. It's not like he knew how to have a fabulous, lean, sexy body. He didn't automatically know how to have the most wonderful friends, the most interesting profession and the most exciting personal life ever conceived.  He wasn't born with all of this. These things had to be learned. I'm sure there were often a variety of circumstances where he would have suffered complete, immeasurable setbacks and humiliations along the way of finding himself.

So, with this realization, even though I originally called this the "Big Gay Travel Blog" I think the name should stay. I'm still going to be touring the world, but this time I am going to be doing it with a focus on experimenting with myself and trying to get this sex/money/fun/responsible adult thing down. I really want to meet men that seem to have found some success and learn from their triumphs, and their complete failures. I want to explore the world sexually.... Ask some of the hard, tough and relevant questions that gay men coming of age really need to know. Let's get exploring and talking.

I really look forward to your stories. More to come.

- Brad

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